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These series(RHZK) Products can be widely used in fire fighting, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, military, police and other industries,it's an breathing apparatus for people who works in the environments with oxygen deficiency, toxic gas, thick smokes, etc.

I. Full Face Mask:
1. Silicone Mask, with speech transmission diaphragm & an exhale valve.
2. PC Anti-fog visor, visual field up to 98% ; Nose cup equipped inner for effectively reducing the dead space.
3. Mask is provided with quick snug & Five adjustable head harness.

II. Demand Valve:
1. To output the air depends on the human need.
2. Air flow not less than 500L/min
3. Full angle insert, fast and flexible

III. Regulator :
1. Output pressure from 90psi to 135 psi (6bar to 9bar), Air flow≥1000L/min
2. Safety valve will automatically operate while the valve fails ;Safety valve can keep the output pressure from 148psi to 225psi
3. There is a limited flow hole in valve connections, once the pressure gauge or pipe damage, the loss air flow no more than 25L/min

IV. Carbon Fiber Cylinder & Cylinder Valve:
Cylinder fitted with valve as per is specification. Hight ensile carbon fiber cylinders, seamless for storing compressed Air. The valve is the one anti-error hand wheel, which meets the European standard. The Valve with pressure gauge on it is also available.

V. Back plate & Harness:
1. Back plate designed per ergonomic, lightweight and flexible. It's easily operate with one hand.
2. Harness connect shoulder strap and belt , can fix the height of the SCBA.
3. Adjusting the belt can distributed pressure on the shoulders; Adjusting cylinder strap will firmly fixed on the cylinder on the back.

VI. Alarm whistle and the gauge

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