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1.Antifog Barrier
2.widescreen with full field of vision
3.natural silicone
4.with adjustable tape
5.with speaker and communication device

General specifications:

1. weight:260g


3. degree of protection:IP66-IP67

4.working temperature:-25 to 60

5.size of outer casing:165*76*85cm

6.material:PC & silicone

Working area:

1.It could filter different harmful gases according to the type of filters. Widely used in chemical ,fire fighting , warehouse ,industrial had harmful enviroment.

2. Protective our face and eyes in harmful enviroment

3. Used in military ,police station,hospital etc.

4. Protection of our beathing system

Application description:

1. Put the battery on the right place, then check the speaker and headphone ,make sure there is no damage on full face mask .

2. Put the filter on face mask ,try to breathing .

3.Check if you could breathing and speak normally ,and let other people listen to your speaking.


1. Please check if the microphone is tighted on mask after wearing.

2. Make sure the power is on when working.

3.Close the power and take the battery out when not working.

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