Category: Self Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA)  Publish Time: 2013-10-14 18:01 

Cylinder Material: steel
1 cylinder + 1 shield hood + other parts eliminate back plate
Service time: 30min
Volume of cylinder:3L Max storage pressure: 30Mpa
Inhale resistance ≤500Pa Min Pressure of mask:0Pa
Weight: 5 kg
EEBD is based on the IMO MSC.98 (73) adopted by resolution on July 1, 2002 requires a mandatory type of "International Fire Safety Systems." design and manufacture of fire escape  products. This product is certified by the CCS, there are ship inspection certificate. It consists of compressed air cylinders, pressure reducer, pressure gauge, gas ducts, hoods, backpacks, etc., can provide individuals 20 or 30 minutes of constant gas, available in a toxic, hazardous, smoke, oxygen environment personnel escape use. Carbon fiber cylinder is made with composite carbon fiber and corrosion resisting &high intension composite aluminum material for inner container .European standard with the valve which is prevent miss operating hand wheel ,also pressure gauge for option.      
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